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Market e-Retribution Test in Tabanan, Bali

Smart city concept begins to attract serious attention from government. Smart city is designed to increase human productivity inside the city by arranging and managing digital and information technology in all city aspect effectively. Smart city concept is believed to be a solution of development problem in many countries.

Market e-Retribution is one of many entities inside a smart city. Couple months ago, Solo launched market e-Retribution program in its several famous market like Gede market, Gilingan market and Klewer market. This is done to support government in educating financial inclusion and to reduce fraud, corruption and unofficial collection. Market e-Retribution is also considered able to suppress transaction leak and cheat so the revenue to the government become optimal.

Government of Tabanan realized this advantage. After long preparation and planning, Wednesday 12nd July 2017, Government of Tabanan launched a test market e-Retribution on Kediri Market, Tabanan. Together with Aino Indonesia and Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali, this test is expected to be the first step for the government of Tabanan to implement e-Retribution program to all market in Tabanan.

Aino Indonesia is trusted to create the apps and provide the system for this market e-Retribution. This trust is linked in to success portfolios from market e-Retribution in Solo. With e-Retribution, the merchant and trader are safe from unofficial retribution collection. e-Retribution is hoped to give positive contribution to government specially Tabanan city to be a smart city.