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Pertamina Develops Cashless Transaction Program in Gas Station

PT Pertamina socializes eletronic money program for gas transaction in all gas station in Pontianak, West Borneo, Wednesday (5/7/2017). The event was attended by several banking institution that worked with Pertamina regarding cashless program. Pertamina Pontianak Executive Sales Arwin Nugraha said the program was planned for every gas station in Pontianak by 1st January 2018, to accept only electronic money payment.

“We’re currently working with Bank of Indonesia and Hiswana Migas to prepare all supporting infrastructures, and campaigning the use of electronic money to society as well” said Arwin. Several banks already have their electronic money like BCA, BRI, Mandiri and others. But in the early stage of this implementation, BCA (Flazz) and BRI (Brizzi) are well-prepared. Currently, all gas station in Pontianak has Electronic Data Captures (EDC) which will be used by Pertamina to accept payment from customers. The usage of electronic money in gas station will begin on saturday and sunday in July in one premium line prepared for electronic money user, but they can buy another gas as usual.

Head of BCA Pontianak branch office, Hartoyo said that currently with Bank Kalbar, they are co-branding with Flazz which is expected to be early step to make the electronic money program successful. Chairman of Hiswana Migas West Borneo, Hendra Salam explained that there 3 benefits of using electronic money. They are secure, measurable and accurate. Aino Indonesia as payment solution service, including electronic money payment acceptance considers this is a right step to support Government National Non Cash Movement. Besides, the use of electronic money in the gas station will decrease processing time in payment and become faster. Aino Indonesia will do its best to support the government to create this cashless payment. This electronic money program was firstly done in Pontianak as a pilot project in Borner. Different from any other big cities in Indonesia, all gas station will implement the electronic money program.

cited from :, 6 July 2017