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PT AINO INDONESIA Present in Seminar Nasional Technocorner 2014

big-48248259350-news1Business Development Manager of PT AINO INDONESIA, Yuanda Bhima Fesida, getting an invitation to present as speaker in the Seminar Nasional Technocorner 2014. Besides Yuanda, also attended a IT Professional, Ferro Ferizka Aryananda, IBM ASEAN, and Andi Taru of Educa Studio.

As a series of events Technocorner 2014, this national seminar brought theme “Indonesia Menyongsong Post-PC Era”. The annual event organized by the Students of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada was held Saturday, March 29, 2014 in Faculty of Engineering Headquarters at 08:00 to 12:30.

The increasing users of smartphones and tablets is a sign that we have entered the “Post PC Era” which people are starting to switch from a desktop PC to use more compact tool. This seminar discusses how peoples nowadays prepared to face the post-pc era that will change many aspects of the lifestyle such as the use of mobile devices.

Yuanda Bhima Fesida states that electronic money is a solution to realizing less cash city. AINO realize that every month, Bank Indonesia burn approximately 68 trillion of damaged money to be replaced with new money. Surely it would be better if the use of physical money subtracted from now on. With the implementation of electronic money concept, the physical money in circulation would be reduced.

In addition Yuanda also convey other benefits from the use of electronic money, government can also manage the circulation of financial and trade transaction monitoring within a city. Government will be easier to identify a problem of the city.

Ferro Ferizka Aryananda describes how to become an entrepreneur in IT Industry on the “Post PC Era”, in example by knowing the target and the market, can identify problems and how to solve the problem. In addition, the ability to understand the personal skill, understand the advantages and disadvantages of self, and love what you do”.

The last speaker was of Educa Studio, namely Andi Taru. Andi explained about the field of mobile phone business. Andi describes how to start a successful business even before graduating from college.

This event was attended by student that interest in IT Industry. As the opening of Technocorner 2014 series, we can say this National Seminar has been successfully. After attending this program participants are expected to ready facing the Post PC Era.