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Ridwan Kamil Launches Electronic Parking Terminal in Bandung

Government of Bandung through Ministry of Transportation launched electronic money based for electronic payment sistem on Electronic Parking Terminal (TPE). Payment system in this parking machine has been operated in some streets in Bandung since 14 July 2017. Ridwan Kamil himself launches this electronic parking terminal in Braga Pendek street, Bandung.

There are currently 445 parking machines installed across street in Bandung, and citizen can pay the parking fee using electronic money. The machines are used by the government to maximize revenue from parking sector. Long before that, there were some leaks from the revenue in parking so the government can’t maximize it.

“TPE is a starting point for Bandung Smart City”, Ridwan Kamil said in the launching. This machine can accept up to 4 electronic money multi issuer, such Brizzi from BRI, e-Money from Mandiri, e-Money from BJB and Tapcash from BNI, while BCA and Bank Mega are still on negotiation.

Citizen who is going to use this machine has to prepare their electronic money to pay. If they don’t have electronic money, the officer will suggest them to buy. The mayor of Bandung suggest the citizen to be discipline in paying the fee through parking machine. “Parking is a great business. All this time there were a lot of people illegaly asking the money from paking without government consent. The government in fact will use the money from parking to build roads, electricity, and other facilities in order to better service for citizen.” said Ridwan Kamil.

Government of Bandng trusted Aino Indonesia (Aino) as payment device provider and electronic money system integrator in all parking machine in Bandung. Aino is a payment processing company and system integrator for public transportation, government public services, education, tourism, and retail. Aino is also a system integrator for parking success implementation in Jakarta and Palembang.

The use of parking machine aims controlling heavy traffic in particular points, in making better traffic flow, and encourage poeple to use public transportation. Ridwan Kamil also quoted a poet to encourage people of Bandung to use electronic money to pay parking fee in electronic parking terminal.