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Smart Ticketing Implementation in KJSF

big-23620024230-kalbe_junior_science_fairSmartcard solutions offered by PT AINO INDONESIA not only easy used by adult, but also by children. Proven by cooperation between PT AINO INDONESIA and Kalbe Farma organize various activities of science in Kalbe Junior Science Fair (KJSF) 2013 on 20 – 22 September.

PT AINO INDONESIA implement smart ticketing with Smart Card implementation to process enter and exit the events and also generating the polling process. System solutions implemented by AINO is Integrated Event Based Ticketing Management System. These solutions apply to ticket system for special events that built from hardware and software system integrated with AINO’s special design to provide convenience in business, services process, and managing event-based ticketing system.

Integrated Event Based Ticketing Management System can reduce the problems that often occur in large-scale events, especially complexity of managing of the visitor data, high-density queue at the entrance, complexity recapitulation process of ticket transactions, statistical data of booth / vehicle visitors, and access to the game. By the implementation of this system, certainly ease Kalbe Farma in analyzing visitor statistics of Kalbe Junior Science Fair.

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol not only care about the entertaining society’s recreational needs but also educating. Through collaboration with Kalbe Farma, science fairs are expected to increasing the child’s science interest in Indonesia.