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Aino as an innovation technology company realizes that the world challenges during pandemic are getting higher, therefore we always create the latest innovation to provide the best value for customer. Aino has experience managing more than 16 million non cash transaction in various public infrastructure to retail. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified company and payment gateway certified by Bank Indonesia. We are ready to serve Indonesia market with technology product & solutions to bring great positive impact on life.

Holding Company

PT Aino Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Gamatechno Indonesia, which is a company under the holding company
of Gama Multi Group. PT Gama Multi Usaha Mandiri (Gama Multi) is a holding and investment company owned
by Gadjah Mada University.

aino Indonesia

Our Journey

  1. Tech, Research on Contactless Smartcard, RFid, NFC
  2. Smart Mass Transit System: 1st Winner INAICTA &
    MURI Record
  3. e-Ticketing Solution for BRT
  4. e-Id Solution for multipurpose Campus ID Card
  1. R&D Division spin-off into Aino Indonesia
  2. The positioning is System Integration (SI)
  3. e-Ticketing, e-ID, & e-Money Integration Solution
  1. New positioning as Payment Solution
  2. New Investment round from VSs & Strategic Investors
  3. Acquired ISO 27001 from TUV Nord
  4. Acquired Payment Gateway license from Bank of Indonesia
  5. Aino new product platform 2.0, integrated, secured, scalable & online
  1. Merchant Aggregator
  2. e-Money, Debit/CC/VA, Cross Boarder Payment
  3. Transportation, Tourism, Parking, & Retail Solution
  4. 24/7 Services
  5. #BikinJadiMudah

Work Life Culture

Care Share & Respect

Care for everyone at Aino Indonesia, a willingness to share knowledge and respect and respect among fellow employees.

Leadership Through Innovation

The ability to make continuous improvements or create new product or process innovations that can increase company excellence


an action that consistently upholds honesty in every word and deed, is disciplined in action, responsible, upholds commitment and does not tolerate deviation

Excellent Services and Work

The ability to meet or exceed customer desires by helping, serving and trying to give the best performance by maximizing their capabilities

Fun and Spiritfull

Attitude to do all work activities wholeheartedly, be pleasant in interacting and show a sense of passion for achievement


The ability to face new problems or challenges with an unyielding attitude and keep trying to give the best results

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