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AINO Officially Launched Card Sales and Top Up Terminal in IIMS 2014

big-86941359564-iims_2014AINO officially launched Card Sales and Top Up Terminal (STUT) in Indonesia International Motor Show 2014. This Card Sales and Top Up Card Terminal (STUT) product launch is the solution for the purchase, top up the balance, and check the card balance based smart cards. In this event AINO join the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Indonesia stand.

ITS Indonesia comes as a solution to overcome the problem of transportation in Indonesia, through the integration between information systems and communications technology in transportation infrastructure, vehicles, and road users as well as assist the whole transportation system to work effectively and efficiently. As part of the ITS Indonesia, AINO also supports the concept of Electronic Payment System that was developed by ITS Indonesia, by shortening time to transportation payment with a cashless payment. In the future with cashless payment, people will use an electronic payment without using cash so that payments are made through smart card that is relatively safe and fast. AINO existence to support the concept of the ITS is by launching Card STUT as cashless payment solutions.

Card STUT feature include purchase starter packs and top up, purchase starter pack reached 8 card dispensers, purchase single trip cards, and top up card for regular, student, and single trip for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transportation services. Card STUT also features 6 card electronic money cards balance check and close loop. Variants of banknotes that can be used in this Card STUT can be Rp. 50.000,00 and Rp. 100,000.00.

To experience an ease of use of this Card STUT, come and visit us at ITS Indonesia stand in IIMS Kemayoran Jakarta on 18 to 28 September 2014. For experience and further detail please drop your email to (DK / AINO)